Don’t miss this opportunity to have your United Way donation matched in 2016.


• Pathfinder Donors • Corporate Gifts • New Workplace Campaigns

Thanks to the support of Edmonton Community Foundation a donor matching grant is available to donors this year. With the goal of inspiring others to make the greatest impact possible, this program is open to pathfinders, corporate donors and new workplace campaigns who make their contributions in 2016.

Change More Lives Than You Can Imagine

Imagine being able to double your impact and what it would mean to local families and individuals struggling in poverty.

Instead of just trying to survive, they’ll have a chance to develop the skills and abilities that lead to lives of independence. Parents will get help to support their children in the early development years. And kids will go to school with food in their stomachs, get support from mentors and can focus on achieving their full potential.

Through support from our community, and the significant impact of donors, United Way is focused on getting results that go beyond managing the symptoms of poverty and work toward ending it

Gifts qualify for the match in four ways: 


1) Pathfinder Donor providing a gift of $10,000 to $249,999

A NEW Pathfinder Donor will see their gift matched dollar for dollar, while an existing Pathfinder Donor who increases their gift will see the value of that increase matched. (NEW is classified as not giving in 2015) 


2) Corporate Donor providing a gift of $10,000 to $99,999

A NEW Corporate Donor will see their organization’s gift matched dollar for dollar, while an existing Corporate Donor that increases their gift will see the value of that increase matched. (NEW is classified as not giving in 2015) 


3) A NEW workplace campaign

With contributions totalling between $1 and $25,000 (including cash, pledges and special events), new workplace campaigns will have their contributions matched dollar for dollar. (NEW is classified as not running a workplace campaign in 2015) 


4) A NEW Pathfinder Donor providing a gift as part of a NEW workplace campaign will see their gift matched as part of their employee contribution within the workplace campaign AND as an individual Major Donor. 

Where will the dollars be invested?

Donations and matched dollars through Edmonton Community Foundation will grow resources for United Way’s All in for Youth program. This program is focused on getting vulnerable children and youth successfully through their educational journey to high school completion.

A collaboration of local partners works together to offer multiple supports to students — both in and out of school — with the goal of improving academic achievement, engagement in school and developing resiliency. While single agencies can have impact on this type of complex problem, collaborations are the only way to tackle the big, entrenched issues such as poverty and trauma. 

Timing To Match

This program has the potential to see up to $500,000 matched and focused on changing lives locally.

The match is capped at $500,000, so the earlier your donation is made, the better chance you have to maximize the match and potentially double your impact in our community.

To find out more about this unique opportunity, please contact us.



Yes. In both cases, the goal is to ensure United Way has access to the funds in 2016 and the ability to direct these funds to the required investments. With this in mind, the following types of gifts are EXCLUDED: 

  • Designated Gifts 
  • Gifts of Endowment 
  • Foundation Gifts (unless a company makes contributions through their corporate foundation) 



Yes, pledges do count. This match will apply to the amount of pledges submitted by December 31, 2016.



Designations do not qualify for the match, based on parameters set by the funder of this grant. As such, only the portion of the gift provided towards United Way’s impact agenda can be matched. For example, if a donor gives $15,000, but designates $3,000 of this amount to another registered charity, only the $12,000 that is undesignated will qualify for the match.