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Small business is at the heart our community. The goal of every business is to create a relationship with customers that establishes trust and encourages loyalty. Research shows supporting a cause can do just that. By teaming up with United Way, your business makes an immediate, positive impact in the community and this tells your customers that you are committed to your community.

Show your local love. Donate now.

For as little as $1 a day, or $365 a year, you can create big, lasting impacts in our community by taking part in the Small Business Circle. Your company’s gift goes directly to help tackle the root causes that contribute to poverty.


Why Join the Small Business Circle?

  • Raised business visibility: Your community investment is visibly recognized in a variety of ways throughout your membership term.
  • Brand identity: Your business is aligned with the strong United Way brand. Attract and maintain customers by displaying your commitment with an exclusive 365 Small Business Circle decal.
  • Community commitment: As a 365 Small Business Circle member, your business benefits from the trust, good will and emotional connection United Way has built for over 70 years.
  • Efficient and effective community support: No need to make several donations. Your contribution to United Way, combined with thousands of other individuals and corporations in our community, can help take significant strides to tackle the real issues that contribute to poverty.

Member Benefits

  • Window cling and digital display at your business and on your website
  • Invitation to our events
  • Engagement on social media

“365 Small Business Circle is an easy way to join a community of businesses that care about Edmonton without breaking the bank. I made my donation prior to opening my business and I’m glad I did. When you join you get the full support of United Way behind you. They are such a supportive group of people that want to see the community thrive and were willing to help me in the way I needed! Through natural conversations that I had, I was able to meet with contacts that I would never have known about. The experience has been incredible.” – Scott from The Dapper Beaver Company