United Way is proud to be All in for Youth.


This first-of-its-kind local initiative focuses on getting children and youth successfully through their education years and on to high school graduation. All in for Youth brings together programs and services in a new way to help every child achieve their very best, by providing support to them and their families. 

By taking care of critical needs now, we stand a far better chance of helping them get through tough times, build skills and set children up for academic success.

Education is the foundation for a bright future. But sometimes in life, challenges get in the way and extra support is needed.

FACT: 1 in 5 Edmonton students do not complete high school within 3 years.

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3-Year Plan: Helping thousands of kids in five pilot schools

All in for Youth supports children from Kindergarten through Grade 12 and is currently being piloted in five demonstration schools where there is a high need for services:

  • St. Alphonsus Elementary/Junior High
  • John A McDougall Elementary
  • Delton Elementary
  • Spruce Avenue Junior High
  • Eastglen High School


When families are struggling, they often lack funds or connections to get them the help they need.  All in for Youth combines the services of past programs – Partners for Kids, Schools as Community Hubs and Out of School Time.


All in for Youth removes barriers to learning, helping students and families in five ways:

  1. Ensuring all students are confident and accomplished in reading and writing;
  2. Delivering nutritious food programs, mentoring and counselling, right in the school;
  3. Offering before and after school programs, as well as programs during fall, spring and summer breaks;
  4. Supporting families through counselling, community resources and adult education; and
  5. Providing a positive school culture, with caring staff and high quality teaching.