I have to admit, that was pretty cool

I don't always associate the work we do immediately with the word 'cool'. I'm not sure why, it's just not one of the first words that come to mind when you think about community building. But really, there are fewer things cooler than that when you think about the thousands of lives that can be affected in one moment with one decision or one act. It's like the Butterfly Effect without all the messy time travel.

On October 14, 2010, we witnessed one such act from Capital Power. They wanted to do something a little different during their workplace campaign this year and we settled on the idea of a flashmob.

Now, flashmobs aren't a new phenomenon at this point, but it was for them - and us. 

The exciting thing was how they really embraced the idea and made it their own. I think after seeing the video you'll agree they truly committed themselves to it. There really are no words that can express how hilarious it is to see an adult (particularly, your boss) dancing around Centennial Square twirling a bright, yellow umbrella in their hands with the delight of a child.

And even though most of these people will probably have to relive these "moments" several times in the years to come via Youtube and staff parties, there wasn't a single person not smiling. The entire time! Coworkers who may not have seen each other in awhile were reconnecting and some even meeting for the first time. Really, that's all this was about - coming together.

Oh, and did I mention they REALLY came together. 140+ employees volunteered a part of their lunch hour to come and dance around- well, I won't ruin anymore for you. Crank your speakers, switch the video to HD if you're able (those yellows really pop) and take a look for yourself.