Blogs - Now In Technicolour!

I was told once that launching a website is the closest thing I'll ever feel to giving birth. And while I can't actually comment on the validity of that comparison, I'm reasonably sure birth is quite a bit more difficult.

I do like the metaphor though. People 'ooh' and 'aah' at the site. People talk about it like it's not in the room. People make funny faces at it (what's Twitter?). Most specifically though, people comment that it's growing up so fast. It's learning, it's adapting, it's changing just like a newborn. In only a few weeks our site has seen 5,000 individuals access it. Our blog readership is up 200% and we couldn't be more thrilled about how you, the community, have reacted to it.

While the last few weeks have been quite a ride, we've all learned a ton in the process. Did you know that people watch 2 billion videos a day on Youtube? Or that every minute, 24 hours worth of video is uploaded? That's a lot of cat videos.

Well, guess what? You can bump those numbers up a little more. We've just added our first video blogger to the team and I'm really happy to introduce Christa Broadfoot, our Director of Discovery. Eventually, we'd like to be posting one video a week, but we'll start with baby steps for now. We probably won't be doing any cat videos though. Probably.

So with Homeless Connect right around the corner (October 17th!), we thought it might be a good idea to show everyone just how easy it is to assemble a personal care kit for the event. So take a look! 



Jeremy Bibaud is Manager of New Media for United Way of the Alberta Capital Region.