VIDEO >> We Salute You.

My parents tell me that when I was little, just learning how to walk, I would often take off when no one was looking and wander around the house. I'd often bump into things, fall, pick myself back up and continue on. One night my mother was loading our dishwasher when she was called into another room. I was, of course, on another adventure and wandered into the kitchen. Perhaps I was curious when I saw all the gleaming kitchen utensils or maybe it was a purely random incident, but I ended up walking over to the open dishwasher and somehow managed to climb up onto the open door and then proceeded to fall onto the upright cutlery.

A particularly nasty knife actually slid up my face, cutting my cheek and luckily stopping right before it hit my eye. Another knife pierced right above that same eye. Lucky is an understatement.

I've had a scar ever since then, though. I don't remember the incident, the scar has just always been a part of me. And so, even though I don't remember the experience, I'll never forget the story.

Remembrance Day is a little different in that many of us don't have an emotional involvement in or a physical reminder of war. I had two grandfathers who fought in World War II but they never spoke of it - and I never asked. Perhaps that was a failing on my part. But I do know there is no question or answer that can relay the bond a person has with an event that can be as scarring as war.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't still try to talk about it. That's all most of us have to connect with and you have to work with what you've got, even if it's second-hand shadows of someone else's memories.

The same is true of our work at United Way. It's easy to overlook the severity of many of the challenges our city faces because we may not have a connection to it ourselves -  at least we don't think we do. If my time here has taught me anything, it's that we all have a connection to someone who has needed help or offered help. I challenge you to prove me wrong. And in doing so, you'll most likely find you have more than one.

My posts usually contain a video and this one is no different. I've found a particularly well-made video on Youtube that showcases our soldiers efforts throughout the decades, including today, as Remembrance Day isn't just about soldiers long past, but also about the brave men and women who represent our country still today.

To the people we have lost and to those who still stand - we salute you.