VIDEO >> Stompin' Tom Would Be Proud...

Well done Stantec. My hat is off to anyone that can work a hockey tournament into their work day - for whatever reason…and for 7 straight years?! I’m slow clapping for you.

They do it right too. For the 7th Annual Don Stanley Cup the National Anthem was sung by students from Oliver School (who were just amazing I hear) and the honor of the Celebrity Puck drop was held by our own and lovely Anne Smith as well as Bob Gomes.

16 teams competed for the highly coveted Don Stanley Cup this year. The action was so intense they needed to break for a skills competition to let everyone catch their breath. The accuracy competition was taking shots at targets labeled Homelessness, Hunger, Violence and Poverty. Through the amazing support shown by organizations like Stantec, we literally are taking shots at those issues.

Speaking of skill, a couple of our Discovery Speakers were on hand to demo an amazing sport – Sledge Hockey. Ross Norton and Brian McPherson of the Canadian Paraplegic Association gave a quick demonstration of a sport that would leave many of us out of breath for a week. And congratulations to Brian who was just recently named to Team Canada's Sledge Hockey farm team! I encourage everyone to Google it if you haven’t heard of it before, amazing stuff.

All in all, it's Canada, we will grab any excuse to grab a stick and a net and knock a biscuit around. What I love about what Stantec and many other organizations do with hockey, is that they tie something that is so ingrained in our culture to overcoming social challenges that are a drain on that same culture.

Kudos to you Stantec – Hockey, Fun and Awareness – the best hat trick I can think of.


Keep it here kids – and keep it real.

Brandon Kelm is a Campaign Manager for United Way of the Alberta Capital Region.