Thanks to You - We’re Half Way There!

It all started when my alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. and from that minute on; there wasn’t a second to spare.  I’m talking about our annual Campaign Breakfast held at the Westin Hotel.  This morning, bright and early, with a full house in the Westin Ball Room, we celebrated all of you - our Community Champions.  In a flurry of activity between 7:30 and 9:30, we had group activities, caught three acts of Daily Day of Caring on video (coming soon to our You Tube Channel), featured workplace campaign table highlights, hosted by our wonderful emcees from CTV News, Josh Classen and Erin Isfeld and, drum roll please, somewhere in-between we managed to let the room of more than 550 people know that we are HALF WAY TO OUR GOAL of $21.5 million!  Yes, I am yelling, because it is exciting and worth yelling about!  To date, we have reached $11,038,625.00.  Wow. 

It really was a busy morning; there was fun, and there were table decorations, noise-makers and wonderfully noisy people to operate the noise makers.  There was a table of Stantec’s finest, wearing their best super-kid-community-champion-costumes. 

But there was one particular moment when the room was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.  That was when The Family Centre’s, Ben Hofs delivered his speech about his work alongside troubled youth in our community.  I can’t begin to describe the eloquent and meaningful delivery along with the power in his story, other than to say that Ben is truly a genuine and caring individual who thrives on the work he has chosen.   He also thrives on the success he sees in others.   

I would encourage you to read his speech, and if you’re looking for someone to deliver a powerful and moving story to your workplace campaign, he comes with our highest recommendation. 

Thank you, Ben – the standing ovation you received after this amazing speech was very much deserved.   It should be pointed out that Ben was surrounded at his table by the team of people he credits with helping him do this important work in the community, representatives from Edmonton Police Service and NET, along with two student graduates of Da Bom Squad.

Our 2010 Campaign Chair, The Honourable A. Anne McLellan delivered her own very inspirational speech about the value of United Way and the work that we do in community.  She speaks from the heart, is sincere and is gracious about her personal reasons for supporting her community and the work of United Way.  But, as she stressed, we’re not done yet.  We are at the halfway mark of the 2010 campaign and the momentum we feel from our community is incredible – but we have to keep that momentum going.  In the words of Anne McLellan, we are the Alberta Capital Region, and we don’t leave anyone behind.   

Thank you for reminding us, Ben and Anne, we all have a part to play in the success of one another, and we each play a huge role in the success of our community.  Wow, what a great morning. 

Watch our Campaign Highlight Reel!


Nancy Critchley is Director, Communications - United Way of the Alberta Capital Region.