VIDEO >> Rock! Paper! Scissors! TD Canada Trust offers the first ever Tournament of RPS Champions!

Not since the winter games in Vancouver last February has there been a competition quite  like this. 

On Friday, November 26th from 1:30 to 3:30 pm, the first annual TD Canada Trust Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) Challenge was held.  The competitors were fired up and fierce.  And with the Alberta Capital Region’s finest RPS officials on hand, United Way was pleased to be chosen to be the venue for the games as well as the beneficiary of the funds.

As host to this first ever challenge, you can imagine that there was a significant amount of preparation.  A good 15 minutes was spent moving chairs and tables in our Stony Plain office boardroom.  After all, we were preparing for 30 of TD Canada Trust’s most skilled…strategic atheletes.  In the challenge of RPS, I think this quote from the late, great, Yogi Berra sums it up, “You know, 10% of the RPS challenge is 90% mental.”

United Way staff reporter, Christa Broadfoot, says she was honoured to be the only media representative to be granted an all access pass.  “This was probably some of my best work in the field of Blogging/Vlogging.  I was humbled to be among this crowd of RPS champions and to proudly wear the official clothing of the games.”  

To send a finalist to compete in the first annual RPS Challenge, individual branch locations of TD Canada Trust had to achieve a 75% participation rate in their internal workplace campaign.  There is some prep work that happens before this can be achieved.   It requires a team of dedicated volunteers to lead, canvass, educate and encourage each person to get involved in their United Way campaign. We salute you (and of course your community thanks you) for your courageous and (we think) very astute decision to move forward and support United Way.  And of course, your decision to compete in the first annual RPS Challenge takes courage and skill. 

The games were not without controversy (but really, what competition is?) and the officials were challenged on a number of levels to make some very difficult calls.  In the end, a very deserving winner was declared.  Candace Spendelow of TD Canada Trust Branch 8238, Edmonton Centre, took home the glory of the gold and United Way of the Alberta Capital Region received a donation of $500.00 over and above the personal donations made by TD Canada Trust employees.  Congratulations Candace – and congratulations TD Canada Trust. 

This special event was made possible by a number of very committed volunteers – volunteers who had a dream – a vision and they made it a reality.  But in all seriousness, our sincere thanks goes out to the United Way Edmonton District Coordinators for organizing this innovative and REALLY fun event.

Michael Fahlman – Edmonton South

Dave Macdonald – Edmonton North

Scott Riddell – Edmonton Central

You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer, you’ll delight in the highs and lows by watching the highlights of the event featured in this exclusive United Way video.  Remember, we were the only ones granted an all access media pass…