VIDEO >> Everybody Was Sumo Wrestling…


Everybody was Sumo Wrestling

Those suits were slow as knitting

In fact it was quite a bit engaging

But they fought with awful timing


They were funky volunteers from funky RGO

They canvassed them up and they canvassed them down

It's an ancient U-Way art and everybody knew their part

“Here is your pledge slip”, while they threw you from the hip


Everybody was Sumo Wrestling

As RGO wrapped up their campaigning

In fact they did really quite amazing

Still they fought with awkward timing


There was funky Lesley Mutschke and little Sammy Baron

He said here comes the Big Beebs, lets get it on!!


Even though I just butchered such a classic song (Sorry Mr. Douglas), RGO Office Products had a great time wrapping up their 2010 United Way Campaign. I mean how could Sumo suits not be hilarious and a ton of fun. Check out the video.


In all seriousness, congratulations RGO!! You blew through your totals from 2009 and made it obvious that building community doesn’t always have to be so serious. 

Keep it here kids – and keep it real.

Brandon Kelm is a Campaign Manager for United Way of the Alberta Capital Region.