My Journey

As I enter into the final week of my pregnancy a few realities have started to sink in:

1. I am going to be someone’s mom

2. Ready or not, the baby is coming soon

3. Life as I know it is about to change (but definitely for the better)

It has also got me thinking a lot about what being a parent means and how excited I am about what the future holds for me and my new family.  Over the past few months people have shared some great stories with me about their parenting experiences and every single person has said it is the most rewarding and fulfilling job in the world.  When asked “why?” they all say because no matter what happens – good or bad the unconditional love between a parent and a child makes all life experiences worthwhile.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming that being a parent is easy or life is all roses, but I am looking forward to all the new opportunities and challenges that being a parent will surely bring. 

Looking back at the past nine months has made me realize that journey of pregnancy isn’t one that we travel alone; everyone around us is also impacted in some way.  There have been so many people that have helped me get to me to where I am today.  These people include family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, doctors, obstetricians, ultrasound technicians, nurses, and the list goes on and on, and whether they know it or not, each person that I have met along this journey has had some impact on my life and the life of my child.

What I’ve learned from my pregnancy experience is that as a community we each have a role to play in supporting healthy children and families, from conception through to adulthood and beyond.  I am truly grateful to have had so many great people in my life that have helped prepare for what is to come and I look forward to connecting with many more as I move into this next phase of my life.

Angela Wilson is a Communications Specialist with Success By 6®, a community initiative managed by United Way of the Alberta Capital Region.  She and her fiancé Blair will be welcoming a baby in the next week or so.