We are Delighted to Announce – Babies! Babies! Babies! Babies!

The Holidays are upon us, it’s true.  The streetlights have been decorated with bright winter lights and restaurants are serving hearty festive fare.  This is the time of year when everyone starts calling old friends to invite them for lunch – making good on the, “we really need to get together more often”, following through on promises made the other eleven months of the year. 

For many, the holiday season also comes with renewed contact with extended family.  Perhaps we don’t see some of these relatives all year long, but in December, we all seem to want reach out and let them know that in spite of our busy lives, we are still connected.  Family – however that looks for each and every one of us – is still part of what makes us who we are.

At United Way, we are no different.  Just like every other workplace, we spend eight or more hours every day with our co-workers.  After that much time together, we really do start to become an extension of our ‘real’ families.   These are our work families and we share the highs and lows of life with our co-workers. 

This year, we happily shared some great news with our ‘work family’ members - we welcomed five new babies and we still have one to arrive in mid-December.  There’s not one of us who doesn’t love the ‘baby parade’ that occurs when the proud mom and dad bring the little one to visit our Stony Plain Road office.  So, rather than be selfish with these precious new additions to the United Way fold, we thought we would share introductions with you.

July 7, 2010 Miss Kaitlyn Daisy Spiller joined her ecstatic dad and mom, Phil and Kathy Spiller.  Kathy is a Campaign Manager, Resource Development with United Way.  This is Kathy and Phil’s first child.

The end of summer holidays signalled the time for Aanaya Arora to make her grand entrance on August 31, 2010.  Aanaya is the daughter of Manzil and Deepak Arora.  Manzil is Administrative Support to our Resource Development team. 

On November 3, 2010 Heather and Cameron John welcomed their first baby, a little girl they named Hadley Ella Doris John.  Heather also works in our Resource Development division as a Campaign Director.  And here’s some interesting background on the name Hadley – it means, “Field of Heather”. 

 On November 27, 2010, Harper Joy Allen joined her mom and dad, Bailey and Jeremy Allen.  Bailey worked part-time in Business Services at United Way while attending post-secondary. The reason I am delighted at this baby joining our ‘family’ is because Harper really is part of MY family - she is my second grandchild, first granddaughter.

Not to be outdone by Harper’s arrival, on Monday, November 29, 2010, little Miss Olivia Makarechian entered the world.  Olivia is the first child for Ilene Fleming and Masood Makarechian.  Ilene is Director, Success by Six.

But we’re not done yet – there is another baby due any day, and in this sea of pink, we’re finally getting a little boy.  Angela Wilson and Blair Dorval are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their son (at least, that’s what three ultra-sounds indicated).  Look for an update on this blog once Baby Boy Dorval arrives.

Thank you; Phil and Kathy, Manzil and Deepak, Heather and Cam, Bailey and Jeremy and Ilene and Masood for letting us share your happy news with our United Way friends and supporters.  Good luck Angela and Blair on the upcoming birth of your baby. 

And to our United Way friends and supporters – thank you.  We are employees of United Way, but we are also real people with real lives and real dreams and hopes for our loved ones.  And we want to truly thank you for helping us build a strong and healthy community.  These babies, just like all the other babies who are born into the Alberta Capital Region, deserve to live in a caring and supportive community and you’re helping to make that a reality.   


Nancy Critchley is Director, Communications for United Way of the Alberta Capital Region and the proud grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren.