...And We're Back.

So why should you care? That’s really the question we’re setting out to answer this year. Why should you care about United Way from January to September? I mean, we’re not even running a campaign right now!

Let’s be honest, if we were in a Facebook relationship, we’d be set to “It’s Complicated” for most months except the final four. Let’s change that. Like any good relationship, we want to work on the following:

  1. Communication – Let’s keep talking, creating a back and forth dialogue that helps everyone come to a better understanding of what we’re all working towards.

  2. Accountability – It’s probably not a stretch to assume that almost no one in our community knows what we do from January to September. We’re gonna let you know, ‘cause it’s some of the best parts.

  3. Listen More – Hear that? That’s the sound of us not telling you what you should be interested in, but rather listening to what you really want to know about. We’ll do our best to bring you what you want.

That’s a pretty good start. And to prove we’ve been thinking about this for awhile, here are a few concrete details on some of our online plans for 2011.

Street Interviews

One Question. One Answer. Simple and honest. We’ll be tweeting the location of our camera crew so stop by and speak your mind. We also aren’t afraid to chase you down the street so keep an eye open. Just try not to be too much of a diva, alright?

Home Is Where the Art Is

As someone who is involved in the arts community in this city, it’s become obvious to me that we have an almost unfair amount of talent. Seriously. I assume that’s why other cities are more boring than we are. Are you a photographer? Writer? Artist? Musician? Whatever your talent, we’re going to provide a way for you to express yourself and the way you view our city and the challenges we’re all working to fix.


This is for all you cutting edge companies who want to try something a little different with your team-building. Not only will these ideas be new to this area (you’ll be the first) and unique (there’s prestige here, folks) and currently top secret (you’ll never guess), but you’ll have to bid for them. You want to be the first organization to ever complete one? Better bring your ‘A’ game, friend.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos

If you’re a fan of DVD extras, you’re watching too much TV. Go outside, get some fresh air. Then, come back inside and boot up your computer to see exactly what we’re up to from January to September (Spoiler Alert: All those donations you make have to find a happy home at some point).

Get All James Cameron On Us

Our video crew loves doing what they do. So tell them where to do it! You’re the director - tell us where to go. If it’s happening here and it’s making a difference, we want to see it.

Now, these are just a sampling of things we have in store for 2011 but it's already shaping up to be a big year. So without further ado, we’d like to officially change our relationship status with you from ‘It’s complicated’ to ‘BFF’. Yes, I realize that’s not an option in Facebook, just work with me.

Look for the first Behind the Scenes video and Street Interviews video soon.

Jeremy Bibaud is Manager, New Media for United Way of the Alberta Capital Region.