Change Really Does Start Here

It is always an inspiring thing to see organizations come together to do something amazing for the community.  When a company is filled with people of incredible generosity and community spirit, the organization itself cannot help but change along the way.

There are many companies, both large and small that participate in raising money for their community by running a United Way Campaign. Each year, they come with new ideas and ways to inspire and engage their staff, in turn increasing participation and dollars raised to help individuals and families in the Alberta Capital Region.

So how do they accomplish this?  What makes a campaign successful?  I believe there are four key elements to creating this success.  Great support, great ideas, great people and great generosity.   From management support, to creating activities of value to the employees, increasing education and awareness, and the generosity of employees whether in time or money.

The companies that have incorporated these four key elements of success, have seen great results this campaign.  Pepsico Beverages Company created the committee role of Pledge Captain and Scotiabank of Liaison Officer.  Their roles were to ensure that they asked their colleagues to consider making a contribution to the United Way, knowing that they were not asking for themselves, but for the community in which they live.

The Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign organized and held a flash mob in the middle of their lobby to help garner attention and education surrounding the kickoff of their campaign.

CenturyVallen had strong management support and an outstanding committee that worked very hard in educating and engaging their employees. As a result, they saw significant improvement in both participation and dollars raised for the community.

Being part of a solution is one reason that companies rally around a common initiative and it pushes them to help those that need it.  We all live in this community so why not make it better?

Our campaign theme has never been more relevant.  Change Starts Here.  Change Starts with You.

Thank you to all of the companies and employees that help make our community a better place to live.