This Stuff Is for Kids

The last four years of my adult career have been committed to celebrating the accomplishments of this great community and working towards bringing us all closer together. UNITEMINDS, UNITEEFFORTS, UNITEPURPOSE, UNITEHEARTS, UNITEHANDS, UNITEWISDOM, UNITEDIVERSITY, UNITEHOPE, UNITELEADERS, and UNITEPEOPLE… and UNITEPLAY?

Yes. UNITEPLAY. Finally! Think back to your Grade 3 classroom, your eight year old legs shaking with excitement and counting down the last 11 minutes until final bell. The victory bell that would release you to grab your backpack, switch to your outdoor sneakers, run to the bike racks to meet up with your friends and neighbours and gear up for the game you were certainly about to play.

On March 30 as I watched big foam dodge balls float through the air and kids of every age play hard to keep their team in the game, I suddenly saw a simple solution.

Dodge ball, Cops & Robbers, sand tag or Capture the Flag. When that bell sounds, anything is possible and everyone can play. So get out there and get your game on!


Christa Broadfoot is Director, Discovery for United Way of the Alberta Capital Region.