Important Notice for Slave Lake EI Claimants

Applying for Employment Insurance

Service Canada is making every effort to ensure streamlined processing of Employment Insurance (EI) claims for all workers affected.  Due to the unique challenges many of you will face, we are asking that the following processes be followed to ensure timely and accurate handling of all claims.

To apply for EI benefits, you must submit an application for EI online or in person at your Service Canada Centre.  To access the application for EI Benefits go to: and click on "Apply for Employment Insurance Benefits".

Reference Code

A reference code has been assigned to facilitate the processing of these claims.  When you begin the online application process, you will be asked to enter a reference code.  Your reference code is 4317012011121314.

Interim Records of Employment (ROEs)

We understand that many of you will be unable to obtain ROEs in a timely manner.  If sufficient information is received, we can create interim ROEs to facilitate earlier claim establishment.  In order to enable us to create Interim ROEs, we require specific details related to your employment.  Please complete the attached Record of Employment, or provide the details by telephone, 1-800-206-7218, or in person at a Service Canada Centre near you.

Direct Deposit

We encourage all claimants to sign up for Direct Deposit (DDP) when completing their application for benefits.  DDP is the most efficient and surest method of payment that will no be impacted by any work stoppage or natural disaster.