On your mark, get set, go!

It is that time of year again and Corporate Challenge is in full swing.  For the past three weeks, companies from across the Alberta Capital Region come together to compete in various athletic and skill events.  Why do they do it?  Besides having a lot of fun, it’s a way to build morale, employee engagement and who doesn’t love bragging rights?

This is United Way’s first year participating and we are in the purple division and the reasons I mentioned above are why we are involved.  It allows our employees the opportunity to team up with coworkers from other departments and get to know each other in a different environment and have some fun.  On May 29th I bowled with our President and CEO and had a blast (and FYI, what a bowler she is)!

Where else do you see senior management participating in events such as shooting at rubber ducks, a shower curtain ring toss and performing a circus act?

You could witness this during a company’s United Way Campaign, actually.  It is perhaps the only time other than corporate challenge where you will see senior management participating in things they would not normally do, such as getting a pie in the face, dressing up in a tutu, or even having their legs shaved.  A United Way campaign is a time for employees to come together and interact with other departments and divisions, have some fun, some healthy competition and raise money to help others in our community. It is a great way to bring your workplace together.

So I ask the question, what do you do during your campaign to increase employee engagement and have some fun?