WE Magazine

Over the past seven months United Way has been working on a very special project that we are now extremely proud to reveal to our community. Together, with Venture Publishing and the generous sponsorship of Enbridge Pipelines, we have been working on a special magazine that is dedicated to the work accomplished in our community with the help of so many of you. Today, we are very proud to say that our premiere issue of WE Magazine has been delivered to many homes this past weekend. 

WE Magazine focuses on the community – the issues we face, the challenges we have overcome and the great work that is being done together – work that WE have all contributed to. This one-of-a-kind United Way magazine is the first for any United Way in Canada. 

We are very pleased to be able to offer our readers a choice of format for receiving the magazine – a traditional printed copy or to receive an email link to the dedicated website where the digital version is available. You can view the digital version by visiting wemagazine.ca.

On Saturday, July 9, 40,000 copies were delivered to households in our city through the Edmonton Journal and another 3,500 copies will be delivered via Canada Post. As well, we will be emailing our digital link to many of our supporters to enjoy the publication online.   

Our thanks and appreciation goes out to the very talented and capable team of professional publishers and journalists at Venture Publishing.  We have a great product because they understand the publishing business, but they also maintained an understanding that the focus of the magazine needed to be about community and how we work with our many partners to find solutions to shared challenges.  

And finally, a thank you to everyone at United Way, including our Board of Directors,  for supporting the project and providing input and direction.  

We hope you enjoy browsing the pages of WE magazine.