PCL Comes Together

During my first week working for United Way I had the pleasure of attending the PCL Campaign Kickoff where they announced their goal to raise two million dollars for the United Way this year. As I listened to the speakers highlight the great work that United Way is doing throughout the communities in the Alberta Capital Region, I was fascinated by the generosity of the people sitting next to me.

Two million dollars is an amount I find rather difficult to imagine, but that makes this goal all the more powerful. It is inspiring to see people coming together to achieve the unimaginable. It reminds me that together we are strong, that we can make a difference, that every donation, no matter how small, matters.

Every day I come to a better understanding of how absolutely necessary an organization like United Way is for our community, and how wonderiful it is that companies like PCL are standing front and center, leading the charge toward a better future for our friends and families that make up this community I now know as the Alberta Capital Region.

Here is a video I put together for PCL's 2011 United Way campaign called "Come 2gether".