Help Us Shape the Future

The work United Way does in the community is a result of relationships with social service agencies, local corporations, labour organizations, different levels of government and, of course, with you.
Today, we’re reaching out to you to share your perceptions on one of the biggest challenges our community faces – poverty. Considering the many complex issues that contribute to poverty, we are working with partners to define our collective focus and develop approaches that will shape the way we work together in the region.
As someone who cares about the future of our community, and the individuals and families that live in it, we cannot do this without you!
This community-wide initiative, entitled Speak Up & Change Lives, will encourage community conversations about poverty – online, by phone and face-to-face – with the primary piece over the next two weeks being a brief survey that captures:

  • highly-valuable perceptions on the state of poverty in the region,

  • the related social issues you feel we should focus on specifically, and

  • what our community can do to address the challenges.

Your thoughts on the challenges we face and how we can all work together will make a significant difference for the over 123,000 people who live in poverty in the Alberta Capital Region.
Please consider completing the very brief survey (approximately 8-minutes); and encourage others to take part in the process as well.
Together, we can change lives and make the greatest impact possible in our community.