ETS bus design celebrates over 70 years of giving

Allan Undheim and Trish Weber represent United Way at unveiling of ETS bus.

Since it began in 1941, the Edmonton Civic Employees Charitable Assistance Fund (ECECAF) has provided more than $25 million in donations to charitable organizations in the Edmonton area. To celebrate this achievement ECECAF unveiled a beautifully designed Edmonton Transit Bus highlighting its success in helping charities and families in the region.

This civic fund doesn't just provide support to local charities, the fund also provides special aid to members and their families for medically related assistance. Recipients of this support were present at the unveiling to share their gratitude for the support they have received.

ECECAF also provides post-secondary scholarships to members' children. The bus wrap was designed by Christine Ashworth, one of these scholarship recipients, who now operates a freelance design company.

Approximately 10,000 contributors comprised of 9 unions and associations make up ECECAF. Membership includes employees of the City of Edmonton, TELUS, EPCOR, Capital Power Corporation and Alberta Health Services.