I Have to Praise You Like I Should

So the old adage says, it t is better to give than to receive - give of money, time, interest, knowledge, experience or skills. We each have something to give. 

Not only does giving provide us with that feel good feeling all over, some studies even link a longer life span with giving. So maybe that’s why Canadians love to give? Nah.

April 15-21 celebrates National Volunteer Week (NVW), recognizing the contributions of 13.3 million citizens all across our great nation who are active contributors to their community. Millions of you dedicate your time, talents and abilities to participate, and that is reason to celebrate good times, come on!

Let’s celebrate the resilience of a nation full of communities that continue to grow stronger every day because of the individuals that live in them. 

Let’s celebrate the contributions we make to the lives of others and the good times we have while doing it.

Let’s celebrate each step taken by one individual that creates a path forward for many to follow. 

Communities are made great by the people who live in them, and it is a great honour to thank each and every one of you for your spirit and commitment to give.  People of Canada, you are top notch!

So in the words of FatBoy Slim (and in homage to my favourite video of all time), let me take a moment to “Praise You Like I Should”.