Walk With Me

Imagine waking up in a shelter or on a bench one chilly morning - only to be told to move along. Your stomach aching because you haven’t gotten enough to eat for days, you throw your entire life on your back and start your daily search for food, a job and hopefully a shower. You make your way downtown to an employment agency and there are a few construction jobs that you are qualified for, unfortunately you need steel toe work boots. The thought of trying to attain work boots to secure a paycheck seems completely unattainable.

You think back to the good days, a mere three years ago, you were not rich by any means, but you were comfortable. You had a house, a car, a spouse and a son. You never thought you were one life event away from losing it all. Your spouse and son were killed in a car accident. The entire world came crashing down on you. With no family to turn to for support you spiraled into a deep depression and lost your job, home and car.

You approach a woman on the street and ask if she has any spare change, she tells you she has no change to give. Not a big surprise, today is the same as any other day. As you walk away she calls to you and asks if you have heard about Homeless Connect? You haven't. She asks you to walk with her to the Shaw Conference Centre while she tells you about the different organizations that bring their services to Homeless Connect, the dentist that can extract the tooth that has been causing so much pain, counselling services, employment services, the opportunity to secure a pair of work boots. You hear about the meal that is available as well as the care kit filled with personal care items and you get excited at the thought of being able to brush your teeth.

Today is the first time in a very long time that you feel optimistic and hopeful. This may be the hand you need to help lift you up, the hand that helps you regain some of what you lost.