Help Alberta Develop a Social Policy Framework

Premier Alison Redford made a commitment during the election to ending child poverty in five years and reducing overall poverty in Alberta.  The government is leading the development of a Social Policy Framework that will guide the future of our social policies and programs to assist in this critical endeavour.  Every Albertan is encouraged to provide their thoughts, their input and their ideas to help guide this framework.  Similar to the election, I think this is an important time for people to become interested in what is happening, get engaged, and participate.  

People often ask, how can I make a difference?  This is one of those ways.  The government is asking for our input, our voice.  The government wants to know what we want for ourselves, our families and our communities.  They want to know how we want to deal with our social issues, how we want to meet basic human needs like housing, employment, safety or child care.  This framework will assist government in determining the best ways to invest resources to address social issues.  I would encourage you to get involved right away.  This is an important window of opportunity to have an input.  Consultations are happening over the summer, when we may be more focused on camping or summer vacations.  I would encourage you to take a few moments to check out our government’s web site and have a say about Alberta’s vision for meeting the social needs of people in our community.   

What can you do?

There will be a community led discussion here at United Way on Thursday July 19th.  If you are interested in attending please call me at 780-990-1000 to register.

Joanne Currie, Director, Financial Stability and Independence, United Way of the Alberta Capital Region