That was easy.

With September approaching, fond memories of back to school shopping trips with my Mom come flooding back. All those hours spent in the store trying to decide which 5 Star binder I should get, clearly only the ones with a zippered pocket for my Pogs would do. Making the decision between which Lisa Frank folder would make me the coolest kid in band was one of the biggest decisions of the day and often had me making more then one trip back to that aisle. I remember pleading for Mr. Sketch markers… my mom never did give in. Yes I was a bit of a “keener” growing up and I loved school. For me September marked excitement, a new year with new opportunities.

I wish I could say with certainty that each child had those fond memories of returning to school. Unfortunately for some children and parents alike the start of a new school year causes much more stress and uncertainty then it should. Many parents in the Alberta Capital Region are unable to afford the necessary school supplies their children require to start the school year off on the right foot. For these children the first day of school can quickly become one they would rather skip all together.

Tools for School aims to provide every child in the Alberta Capital Region who may have limited access to school supplies with a backpack filled with the necessary supplies they need. The Tools for School initiative is 100% community driven and relies on corporate sponsorship and community donations. Product or monetary donations can be made at any Staples location in the Alberta Capital Region.

If you would like to get involved in Tools for School, join us at Staples on Saturday, August 18th for Stuff a Bus. You can find us at the Fort Saskatchewan Staples, St. Albert Staples and the Staples in South Edmonton Common. The South Common location will also be hosting a Toonie BBQ from 11am- 1pm with all proceeds going directly to Tools for School.

Get your back to school shopping done early, have a quick bite and make a difference in your community, and who knows you just might run into me picking up my very first set of Mr. Sketch. 


Jenn Dermott, Program Coordinator, Discovery, United Way of the Alberta Capital Region

Video courtesy of Citytv