When will homophobic language be unacceptable too?

Recently a thirty second PSA was produced by the University of Alberta's Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (ISMSS), with support from Global Television Edmonton. The PSA tasks the viewer with answering the question, "When will the use of casual homophobic language be taboo in the same way racial slurs are no longer acceptable?" This is not about a lifestyle. The same question can be asked of all the hurtful and derogatory language that we say to one another.

The PSA is the second phase of a simple, yet bold, public awareness campaign by ISMSS that began with a website that went live September 2012. The website, nohomophobes.com exposes homophobic language by streaming, in real time, tweets that include several homophobic terms which are still used in casual language every day by public figures, even though the words damage, alienate and isolate members of our community. It only takes one minute on the site to understand there is a definite problem with many words we use to communicate. It's no surprise, then, that the campaign has garnered attention around the world.

Since July 2012 more than 11 million uses of these terms have been tracked.  If you have never visited the website nohomophobes.com, I highly recommend you do.