Daily Kindness

Looking for some daily inspiration? You might want to take a gander at Michelle Lam, a 20 year old student on a mission to empower people of all ages to share kindness through their daily actions with her website called Project Three Six Five.

"Day 139: Gave away my "Roll up the Rim" tab"

"Day 138: Shovelled my neighbours driveway"

"Day 137: Donated $ to YESS"

During the summer, as the story goes, Michelle was inspired to start an acts of kindness project, because she wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. She bought a camera, some film and the threesixfive.ca domain name and Project Three Six Five was born. To date, she has carried out and documented more than 135 acts of kindness that range from small to large. Each act is accompanied by a camera snapshot and write-up detailing her good deed.

My personal favorite: "Day 63: Scraped snow off of a stranger's windshield" wherein she explains how she had to be a bit sneaky about this particular act, because if she had been caught, it probably would have looked like she was trying to steal the stranger's car.

Since October she has donated dress pants to Goodwill, left spare change at a Laundromat, left bus fare for someone who is unable to pay, bought a meal for a person experiencing homelessness, created and left a  'finals survival kit' for one lucky student to find, and more.

Some of her anonymous acts of kindness may go unnoticed by the recipients, but other acts may have a profound effect on the giver, receiver and, thanks to her blog and Facebook page, her readers.

Why does this matter to the work we do?  It matters because as a community, we all have to work together. We need to let the kindness that Michelle demonstrates, inspire us to take action. It’s important to ask people to imagine the difference one person is making. And then, imagine the difference we are ALL making for vulnerable people – helping lift people from poverty and helping them to be independent now and in the future.

I first heard about Michelle and her project at Pecha Kucha night. If you have seven minutes to spare today, I recommend you listen to her tell her story in the video below.