Standing United to Kick Poverty

Our motto at FC Edmonton is Stand United.

That message means one thing to our players on the pitch – they win as a group, lose as a group (although hopefully not too often) and they always stand up for each other – but off the pitch that message speaks to our commitment to this great city we all call home.

When I started this club three years ago, my biggest ambition was not winning an NASL title, although that would be incredible! The real reason why I brought the Beautiful Game back to the City of Champions was to give a little something back to the community that my family and I live in and love so dearly.

FC Edmonton's head coach Colin Miller 'Stands United' with owner Tom Fath

There are thousands of kids in Edmonton whose primary sport is soccer. I saw there was a hole at the professional level here and I wanted to fill it. Not for myself, but for the kids. So that budding young talent in this city and this province have a team and players to look up to; something to strive for.

Not everyone can afford to play, or even watch soccer however. We aim to change that. And by partnering up with the United Way, we plan on Standing United to Kick Poverty!



No matter what your background is, where you come from, or how much money you have, soccer should be accessible.

By purchasing a ticket through the United Way to our Amway Canadian Championship semi-final game against the Vancouver Whitecaps FC on April 24, you’ll be helping to make it just that. Not only will $5 from every ticket sold go directly back to the United Way, purchasers will have the option to donate their tickets to children in need.

Help give a child a gift of the Beautiful Game. Help the United Way contribute to the community and help the Eddies as we continue to weave our way into Edmonton’s sport fabric.

The more we can keep our children happy, healthy and off the streets, the better off our community will be in the long run.

When local players like Shaun Saiko, Antonio Rago, Hanson Boakai, Mallan Roberts, etc… step onto the pitch, they aren’t playing for themselves. They are all Standing United and representing the thousands of kids in the community who one day hope to make a living playing soccer.

We’re committed to the community and we’re committed to the kids.

Thank you United Way for this amazing initiative and thank you fans for all your support! See you all on the 24th!