Investing in the future

With the days of June quickly slipping by and my 10-year reunion quickly approaching, I found myself reminiscing with one of my oldest friends about school days and teachers. I was reminded of my grade 5 teacher. She gave all of her students one hectare of rain forest. She told us she was investing in our future.

This memory got me thinking; Investing in a child's future is a great gift to give. What better "feel good" gift for your child’s teacher than a backpack, purchased in his or her name, for a child or youth in our community as your child’s parting gift?  He or she would be investing in the future of a child, just like my teacher did for me. Purchasing a backpack through United Way’s Tools for School ranges between $20- $35 and you can receive a tax receipt.

Wouldn’t it be great if every child in the Alberta Capital Region had the necessary tools they needed to start the school year off right? The unfortunate reality is that as many as eight out of 10 students in some areas of the Alberta Capital Region do not have the means to start the school year off with the necessary school supplies. When students find it difficult to access the necessary tools to be successful in school, barriers to learning are created. This often limits a student’s ability to preform to the best of his or her ability in the classroom. In Edmonton, one in four students do not graduate from high school within five years.