A tribute to Dalin and Logan Torresan

Dalin Jules Torresan – November 14, 1995 – July 15, 2013 and Logan Michael Torrsan – September 17, 1998 – July 15, 2013

I’m going to start this blog by admitting that I don’t know how to start this blog.  It is, by far, one of the most difficult ones I have had to write. 

Over the years, I have learned that life as we know it can change in an instant.  And, one rainy July day life did change in an instant for the Torresan family of Ardrossan, Alberta.  This blog is a tribute to two young men, Dalin Jules Torresan and Logan Michael Torresan.  The young brothers, aged 17 and 14 lost their lives in a tragic traffic accident just outside of Sherwood Park on July 15, 2013.  As a parent, I can only imagine the pain of losing a child – it’s not even comprehensible to me.    

Logan Torresan, 14, and his dad, Dean, had a love for acting.  I first met them on the set of United Way’s 2011 hip-hop music video, Change Starts Here.  Dean was playing the role of a father, down on his luck and Logan was playing the role of the son, as he aged through the video.  Their bond on the set was unmistakable, they were indeed, father and son.  The following year, in the second United Way music video, Dalin, 17, played a role as a troubled youth. 

At the memorial service on Friday, July 19, at the Ardrossan Recreation Centre, hundreds of friends, family and supporters turned out to help celebrate the boys’ lives.  If it wasn’t already evident, we quickly learned that the Torresan clan were tight – really tight.   This family of seven – Dean and Carole and their five children, Mason, Brayden, Brooklyn, Dalin and Logan, were never far from one another.  More than that, Dean and Carole’s home was open and ‘home’  to many neighbourhood kids – and that’s how Momma and Poppa T want it.  Because of their obvious love for family and friends,  the support that they have shown to their neighbours, friends and their kids’ friends all along is now being reciprocated ten-fold. The love they shared for their sons is shared by everyone who came in contact with Dalin and Logan.   

Now that Torresan family has said their sad good-byes to their two wonderful sons, the support of family, friends and community will be their most valuable and important resource.   It will help them heal their hearts, strengthen their family bond even further, and help them preserve the memories of the short time Dalin and Logan blessed their lives.

At a time like this, it’s hard to know what words to say.  Our heartfelt condolences goes out to the Torresan family, and all who knew and loved Dalin and Logan.    

If you wish to leave your condolences for the Torresan’s, or perhaps you have a special memory of the boys to share, please visit their Facebook page at:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/RIP-logan-and-Dalin-Torresan