U-Knighted to End Poverty

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Let it be known, far and wide across the Great Land of Way, that Queen Anne hath held a Royal Joust and her Champion, who shall be known henceforth as the Grand Slayer of Poverty, has been knighted!

Queen Anne, our wise and wonderful ruler, assembled the best knights in the land for a Royal Joust on the 10th day of October at Ye Olde InKind Exchange.  Famed knights such as the Sir-Cuss of Death, The Green Knight, Sir-Loin and Sir Looks-Like-A-Lady faced off against their esteemed rivals: The White Knight, Sir Bikes-A-Lot, Govind of Kong and Sir Dances-A-Lot.

Lords, Ladies and Squires of the Common room (also known as SCRs) gathered to cheer on their champion, each having set wagers on the winner*. Entering the Bouncy Castle of Death, the knights soon discovered that being sure of foot and steady of balance was a greater challenge than it might appear.  Many tumbled, tipped, tilted, flopped and flailed.

Most were vanquished and in the end, it came down to a glorious battle between Sir Looks-Like-A-Lady and Govind of Kong to determine the ultimate winner.  It was a close match and both knights acted with full honour and chivalry, however it was Sir Looks-Like-A-Lady who went on to be declared the ultimate winner. Queen Anne bestowed upon her knight the Royal Sword of Truth and the Golden Chalice of Humility.

Honour them well, Sir Looks-Like-A-Lady! And good luck with your campaign against the Dragon of Poverty.

*all proceeds to be duly submitted to Queen Anne, for her on-going campaign against poverty