Red Feather Society – A History of Giving

Recently, The Red Feather Society, a society of long-time supporters to United Way of the Alberta Capital Region, gathered for the first time in over five years for an afternoon of coffee, socializing and shared local history.

In January and then again last week, over 100 people gathered for a two-part, local, historical presentation by Denny and Marg May, about Wop May, Denny’s father who was a WWI fighter pilot and a legend in Canadian aviation known for his bravery and humanitarian efforts in the Mercy Flight.

The May Family are members of the Red Feather Society and for our United Way and many of the other members, they are family. For more than 25 years, together, the members have been loyalists in fundraising and service. Donors, volunteers, past board and cabinet members are connected to United Way and also to each other with shared dedication to our cause. Some members have been supporters for over 50 years. 

For a bit of local history of our own, the roots of the Red Feather Society began in 1941. The Community Chest of Greater Edmonton, adopted the red feather for its symbol of giving. More than 70 years later, we are known as United Way of the Alberta Capital Region, but the symbol is still relevant and used to honour our most loyal supporters.

The feedback from the event is positive. “People say they enjoyed the interesting presentations and the socializing afterwards.” They are also eager to attend future events. “With such a great response from the first two Red Feather Society events, we have received many calls from people wanting to attend future events. There are more presentations planned and will continue to be about local history in the Alberta Capital Region.” 

To make this event possible, the Northern Alberta Pioneers & Descents Association donated the hall at The Old Timers Cabin and Bon Ton Bakery and Starbucks Coffee Company generously donated the refreshments. 

If you are a member of the Red Feather Society, you can contact or call 780-990-1000 to speak with Donna Roth about future events. Also, if you know of local historical stories that you think would be interesting to share, Donna would love to hear from you.