New Kitchen for Newcomers, Enbridge Invests $50,000

Since last June, United Way has embarked on the ambitious mission to create pathways out of poverty. Over the year, we partnered with corporations, governments, small businesses, agencies, and the community to raise awareness and give support to people living in poverty in the Alberta Capital Region.

During campaign season, September to December 2013, United Way and its supporters organized fun and inspiring workplace fundraising campaigns that surpassed previous financial goals and brought 23.6 Million dollars to United Way.  It’s an amazing accomplishment and says a lot about the great people in the community that have the same level of passion to see an end to poverty.

The money raised goes to support over 55 social service agencies that provide critical services to help people with barriers to getting out of poverty, as well as, providing support to keep people from falling into poverty.

The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, (EMCN) is one of the United Way’s funded partner agencies, providing a welcoming supportive environment for the successful and integrative settlement of newcomers to Edmonton. The agency assists with the most basic needs, but also provides intensive support for newcomers with significant personal barriers to integration. Immigration to a new country, with a new way of life can be scary and challenging especially if immigrants come with language barriers, unemployable skills, medical issues, or financial limitations. Poverty can be a very real possibility. EMCN helps ease the challenges and isolation that come with immigration.

With a vision to create lasting pathways out of poverty, for all those in need within our region, United Way is proud to partner with organizations like Enbridge, who continually raise the bar for local community investment and their efforts toward building a proud ‘giving corporate culture’. Enbridge and its employees raised over $1.4 million in their annual United Way campaign in 2013, also passing the $10 million mark in their cumulative United Way campaign achievement.

Most recently, Enbridge raised the bar again, going beyond its annual corporate workplace campaign, by donating an additional $50,000 to the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers for investment in the centre’s daycare kitchen facilities.

The busy EMCN daycare and its current kitchen facility, which is no larger than the average home kitchen, will receive a complete full-kitchen renovation. By updating the space, which includes the installation of a new dishwasher, the children and staff at the agency will benefit from an increased food prep area helping them be more efficient in providing healthy nourishment for the increasing number of children they serve, and realize monthly cost savings to utilities through replacement of the outdated appliances with new energy efficient ones, helping the Centre to achieve its environmental responsibility objectives.

As we move forward with our mission, and continue to partner with philanthropic organizations, social service agencies, and community members, we will continue to make strides on our pathway to end poverty. If you want to join the mission, you can get involved by exploring our website for more information on the many ways you can lend your support. Or, speak to one of our staff directly by calling 780.990.1000.