What do you do to make the Capital Region the place you want to live?

From Community Building in June 2011 We Magazine

The Capital Region is a great place to be.

That’s the overwhelming sentiment we heard when we turned to you – the people who live in the Capital Region – with one simple question: What do you do to make the Capital Region the place you want to live?

We posted that question on our website, Twitter account and Facebook page. The responses were varied, but a sense of responsibility resonates throughout all of them. Many local individuals and families give back, and they proudly shared their community involvement with us. We’ve highlighted these answers below with the intent of providing ideas for everyone in the Capital Region to continue making this city both a great place and the place they want to be.

Thank you to the Edmonton Journal for posting this question on their Facebook page, which helped us to collect several of the responses on the next pages.

Family Values

Our family gives of our resources knowing that we are supporting essential programs that are helping individuals who need it. We also give understanding that there are leaders in our region who are committed to thinking bigger, identifying approaches to prevent issues and stopping the cycles we are seeing.

We also try to impart simple, yet important, values to our young children. This includes helping our friends when they ask, or when we see they need help; respecting our environment; living the adage “be here”; and making the most of the time we have together as a family by playing, reading, talking, sharing and laughing.

It is my hope that giving back and upholding important values are shared by my fellow citizens as essentials to this great community.

- The Johnson Family

Corporate Giving

I personally sit on two boards that govern not-for-profits and another three committees that raise funds for health-related issues and social service agencies. I am also a supporter that tries to get involved in things that make the region a better place to live, like festivals. We also offer our employees the opportunity to use some work time and work resources to each support a not-for-profit they believe in. I used to work at United Way and I can say the experience taught me that it takes the support of citizens to make this the place we want to work, live and play in. Many great leaders showed me the way years ago and I have never looked back.

– Dean Heuman (@dheuman)

Cultural Connections

I try to add the Aboriginal perspective in everything I do or plan. The Aboriginal culture is vastly diverse and we are growing at a rapid pace…. What better way to celebrate our diversity than put our own cultural perspective into our lives!

– Shannon Souray

Team Clean

I don’t litter, I don’t spit on the sidewalks, I volunteer, I help people when I can and I walk or take the bus almost everywhere. I patronize local stores (I love our little local bakery/deli, restaurants, dog groomer and cobbler!) and participate in the community. I would love to see more murals in Edmonton and it would also be nice to see more permanent art installations and more people-friendly fixtures like plants, benches, etc. Making the city a thing of beauty and a joy to walk around in would go a long, long way.

- Franki Harrogate

Life Lessons

I respect my city and teach my girls to do the same, for example, not littering, being nice to others and not damaging property.

- Stephanie Gagne Chorney

Skill Sharer

I own BMP, an Aboriginal company that believes in promoting the role models of the Native community of Edmonton. I use my photography skills to find these people and encourage them to be bigger than they thought possible as a sort of unwritten mission statement. Native people make up a large percentage of the Edmonton community per capita.

- Trevor Boller (@trevorboller)

Going Green

I take care of the environment, like no littering and recycling various things to make Edmonton as clean as possible so people can enjoy the beauty of the city. I hate littering!

- Kristina Wildeman

Simple Steps

I volunteer in my community and school and I vote appropriately.

– Louise Consterdine

Reaching Out

I fight for what I believe in. I am involved with homeless counts and Homeless Connect, as I find that homeless people are human beings just as much as you and I. What I enjoy about living in the Capital Region would be the diversity and that I can have my own opinion in matters that matter to me.

- Carrie Kadatz