United Way Problem Solvers Face Off Against Poverty

It’s true that here in the Alberta Capital Region, we have an incredible passion for hockey.  And here, at United Way, we have an incredible passion for creating pathways out of poverty. When you take a passion for hockey and you take a passion for creating pathways out of poverty, you get a face-off against poverty. That’s the theme of our 2015 internal campaign. 

Every year, our goal is to raise more dollars than we ever have before. With this being a given, however, we know that the most important thing to keep in mind is that lives are being changed.  Behind the dollars raised are real individuals and families in our community. They are people that will get help to overcome huge personal struggles, children who will be mentored and supported to achieve their potential, people who will build new skills that help them become more independent and able to provide for themselves and their families, and people who will become stronger community members and, perhaps, one day stand with us in helping others along their pathway out of poverty.  Yes…we want to raise the most dollars we’ve ever raised, but more so, we want to help the greatest number of people we possibly can. Like other organizations, United Way engages it's employees in 50/50s, gift card survivor, a silent auction and other various fundraising activites.  

For the wrap-up day of the campaign, more than 70 United Way staff and sponsored campaign reps became part of mixed teams to participate in a variety of “hockey-themed” events taking place throughout the building. Without the need of any 'real' hockey skills, these games were a chance for the entire United Way staff and sponsored campaign representatives (SCR’s) to make amazing plays to help lift individuals and families out of poverty in our community.  Some events challenged the intellect, some determined the level of craft skills, while others determined how good people are at navigating their way to the finish line. All activities involved problem solving because, after all, we are problem solvers. 

This campaign started in October and is coming to a close at the beginning of December. We had several hours of fun, lots of good, clean, competition, and plenty of laughs. I've been honoured to be this year's Campaign Chair and I am very impressed with the compassion and dedication this organization has as we work towards fufilling our goal for the campaign year. Way to go team!