What if you had to choose?

Imagine a situation where you want to buy nutritious food for your family but you only have $20 left in your pocket until the next payday.  What if staying home to care for your sick child could cost you your job? For 123,000 people in the Alberta Capital Region, these daily scenarios are a harsh reality because when you live in poverty, there is no easy decision.

Life in poverty is a daily battle of hunger, stress, isolation and constant worry. These choices in front of people with a tight budget are hard.

But how do you understand poverty if you don’t live in it? I am inviting you to try out United Way’s first ever digital poverty experience to gain a better understanding of what it’s like to live in low income.

A new perspective changes everything, so put yourself in the shoes of someone who is facing poverty and try to Make the Month. Gain a glimpse into the struggle people living in poverty in our region face.  While this online experience cannot fully capture the reality of a life in poverty, it will help give people a better understanding of this complex issue.