Athabasca University wins Education Challenge

In 2014, six post-secondary institutions came together for the purpose of combating the issue of poverty in our community. Their aim was to challenge each other to strengthen communities across the Alberta Capital Region in partnership with United Way through education, engagement, and friendly competition.

Cumulatively, this year’s Education Challenge between the University of Alberta, MacEwan University, NAIT, NorQuest College, Athabasca University and the Kings University College raised $677, 231 for programs that support ending poverty. With these dollars raised, the institutions were able to provide the equivalent of the following:

  • 527 youth enrolled in summer programs
  • 123 children receiving a school lunch for a full year
  • 990 youth transit passes for home to school commute
  • 241 means to an outreach school for one month
  • 732 mental health counselling sessions for individuals in need
  • 56 days (24 hours) of distress line operation

The challenge allows for each institution to compete against itself in four categories: increase in dollars raised, increase in participation, student engagement, and best practices.  The institution that has the highest number of points in each category is named the Education Challenge winner!

United Way is proud to announce Athabasca University as the 2014 Education Challenge winner! Athabasca was able to secure commitment from their entire executive team to donate at the leadership level ($1200+). The University also engaged both their Edmonton and Athabasca offices to increase their donations by almost $20,000!

In addition, all the post secondary’s had amazing milestone achievements. The University of Alberta hit their $10 million mark in lifetime giving, and scored the highest in the categories of “best practices” and “student engagement” by constructing a giant 3-D “Poverty is Solvable” cube to be rolled around campus. MacEwan University increased their overall donations by 7%, while NAIT had their first committee formed. Further, NorQuest College increased their number of donors by 20, while Kings University College almost doubled their number of dollars raised.

A big congratulations to all of the post secondary’s on their hard work during the 2014 campaign. We look forward to seeing who will be the winner in 2015!