Mental health affects us all

There is no health without mental health. We still live in a society that is only beginning to accept mental health as a legitimate concern to our overall health. Stigma is still a barrier for people living with mental health issues and illness. Since many adults spend most of their waking hours at work, the workplace can be a strong contributor to mental well-being. In this issue of WE, we explore the importance of positive mental health and how workers, families, employers and the community at large can work together to support positive mental health.

By strengthening people’s knowledge and understanding of mental health, we can decrease stigma and increase our capacity to support one another to become and remain mentally well.

At United Way, we know that decreasing barriers to community-based mental health supports for those most vulnerable in our community is key to creating pathways out of poverty. By focusing on public education, as well as a wide-range of counselling and mental health programs, we can ensure community members have access to the crucial supports they need to lead healthy, happy lives.

Thank you to EPCOR for sponsoring this issue of WE; it’s through your support we can continue to share these stories.