How Enbridge Supports United Way

I have had the pleasure of attending many United Way workplace campaign events. Breakfasts, BBQs, dunk tanks, bouncy horse relays to name a few. Each event is unique and special in its own way as is the workplace cultures of the various companies that support United Way.  I'm lucky to be able to use my camera to capture companies at their best, supporting our community.

Staff engagement is very important for a successful campaign. At Enbridge Pipelines campaign the level of engagement was truly outstanding. So it's not surprising that the Enbridge campaign shattered its previous fundraising achievement by raising a total $1.65 million - two hundred thousand more than the previous year!

Check out how they did it in this video.

The workplace campaign isn’t the only way Enbridge gives back through the United Way. Each year they also pick a special project that their staff can engage in. Scott Arndt answered a few questions about this year's special project.

Video Transcript

My name is Scott Arndt, I am the director of Canadian projects on our liquids pipeline system. This year I was asked to lead our special project which is contributing funds to do some upgrades to the children's care centre at the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers.

Their children's care centre is a day care centre for the children to be dropped off at as the parents are in the centre availing themselves of the services. Their kitchen puts out hundreds of meals every day for the clients and the children. We are renovating the kitchen, we are repainting the entire centre, upgrading the play areas with some new toys and some new storage solutions and we hope to be able to upgrade their outdoor play spaces as well.

We repainted the entire centre in November, the kitchen renovations are going to take place in their Easter shutdown because we can’t stop their programs. If we have money left, the spring will be the outdoor play area.

Our contribution is $50,000 cash towards the project and then also our own time in kind. We had over 50 volunteers there in November to repaint the centre so there is also the volunteer aspect of the time we are putting into it as well.

The United Way went out and canvassed a number of different organizations and then took nominations and worked with a team at Enbridge before I was even on the project to go over our options. Of course, there were many great submissions, there are so many needs from different organizations, but I think for this one there was a very strong connection in terms of the high population of people that come from refugee situations and you think about the opportunity to help provide that warm and caring place for the children. You can only imagine, or maybe you don’t want to imagine, what they’ve seen in their lifetime and for us to have the chance to help create that space for them while there parents are getting the skills they need in the country was very attractive to us.