Kid Kits teach parents to Notice, Wait and Respond to their children, and more.

United Way is taking the lead in getting new and revised Kid Kits into the hands of children and families across Alberta!

The Kid Kit® was originally developed by Success By 6 in partnership with Capital Health (now Alberta Health Services) and Center for Family Literacy in 2007 to ensure families with young children in Edmonton had books, suggestions for ways parents could play with their child and materials to promote fine motor skills such as scissors for cutting.

Fast forward to 2016 and The Kid Kit® has been revised with new books, craft materials, (including scissors of course!) and new updated activity cards for parents including information on the latest brain science and the importance of ‘serve and return’ between a caregiver and child.

Using words like Notice, Wait and Respond (Notice: what your child is doing, Wait: give them time to show you what they like, and Respond: find ways to interact with your child) the cards give parents simple every day activities they can do with their child to build stronger brain connections which are the building blocks to all future development. The Kid Kit® is given to families with children from newborn to five years of age through a trusted home visitor or mentor at the local Parent Link Center (PLC)

The Kid Kit® redesign, funded by Alberta Human Services is a collaborative project led by United Way engaging the expertise of Alberta Human Services, Alberta Health Services, Center for Family Literacy, Early Childhood Support Services and Alberta Home Visitation Network Association.

5,000 Kid Kits have already been distributed across Alberta to over 45 community agencies and programs, from Pincher Creek to Fort McMurray.

In March we will be creating 3,700 more kits to help even more children and families to have these amazing resources in their homes. The kits are put together by the generous donation of time from corporate and community volunteers. If you are interested in helping create more of The Kid Kit® please contact us.

The Kid Kit® is making a difference in the lives of children and parents, here are some comments from  home visitors:  

“I had heard comments from 2 different moms stating that they didn't realize that simple things like touching, seeing, exploring were so important to their child’s development”

“One young mother of a five month old told me that she really didn't know what to do with her child and did not have any toys that were developmentally appropriate and so she didn't really play with her child. She does now and is always looking for new toys to share with her child.”

“Many of the Moms I see are like sponges when it comes to presenting them with more information. These families, in particular, LOVED the information and then the suggestions and tools to implement these ideas. One Mom was quite oblivious to the serve and return concept and has found it life changing in how she deals with her child.”