A Chance to Change – Tim’s story

Tim* was 13 when the trouble started.

He was missing school, his grades were poor and he was at risk of being drawn into crime and gang activity. Then, thanks to United Way donors, just like you, Tim got the support he needed.

Tim’s youth worker learned that he was missing school to look after his two younger siblings. Through program support, alternative child care was made possible. Tim attended more classes, got involved in positive after-school activities, made new friends and his grades improved.

Tim’s youth worker still remembers that day when Tim said: “There’s all these people trying to help me. I want to change.” And the change was dramatic.

*Tim's name has been changed to protect his privacy.

*Tim's name has been changed to protect his privacy.

Tim has since graduated from high school and now has a full-time job. He has plans for post-secondary and wants to pursue a career as a social worker or police officer, so he can pay forward the help he received – the help you gave.

One-third of young children in our community lack the basic skills to begin school, many face challenges through their development years and too many kids aren’t graduating. In fact, 25% in our region do not complete high school within five years.

The need is great... but you’re GREATER!

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