An Independent Woman – Elaine’s story

She left with nothing…not a penny. 

The abuse was physical and emotional, and he controlled all the finances. After many years, Elaine finally made the difficult decision to leave her abusive husband.

Elaine applied for welfare and accessed Edmonton’s Food Bank. Hoping to begin healing, she found a drop-in group with other women who escaped abusive relationships. It was here that she learned about Empower U, a financial literacy program supported by United Way.

Her life began to change. In addition to learning how to manage and grow her finances, she took classes on employment preparation and personal growth, and counsellors helped her find work.

Today, Elaine is a licensed financial professional, coaching and mentoring others to reach their financial goals and dreams. And, she’s an active volunteer helping women and children fleeing domestic violence.

Thanks to United Way donors, Elaine is an independent woman, freely giving back to the community who helped her when she was at her lowest.

Economic challenges, natural disasters and a jump in our population. Before it all happened, there were already 120,000 people living in poverty in our region. Now more families are struggling, many making difficult choices between paying the rent and putting food on the table.

In fact, this past year there was a near 10% increase in households receiving social assistance.

The need is great... but you’re GREATER!

Be an Everyday Hero! Join hundreds of people who gave a dollar a day, and help people living right here, in your community.