Faces of United Way: Cherry

“I teach the Empower U program for the United Way—it’s a budgeting program. So I facilitate and teach the girls budgeting skills and how to manage money. I took the program myself and I believe in it. It’s a good program. Teaching is a nice way to give back and help people. It’s a really helpful program because a lot of people don’t know about budgeting. There’s lots of good stuff to learn, about your credit and that kind of stuff.”

"I heard about the program when I was in jail actually. The people who facilitate it came to the institution and did a workshop. I was in jail because I sold drugs. I didn’t know anything about budgeting before I took the program. I didn’t have any concept of what it was like to work. The program helps people. Had I not done the program, my life would have been way different—I wouldn’t have savings, I wouldn’t know about credit, I wouldn’t know what a credit report is. I didn’t have any credit at all before and I didn’t have any idea about all of that. Had I not taken the course, I would probably be in trouble still. If you’re stressed about money and you only know how to do one thing, you’re apt to go back to that. I think they should teach kids coming out of high school this program. I wish I could have been taught these skills a long time ago."

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