Faces of United Way: David

“I’ve been involved with United Way since 1977. I remember it was 1977 because the Edmonton Social Planning Council used to be in the 630 CHED building and we had a meeting the day that Elvis died. Elvis had left the building. I was also with the Edmonton Police Service for over a quarter of a century and one year they loaned me to United Way, so I was the United Way liaison with the University of Alberta for four months. The police paid my salary, but I was showing up for work at United Way. I believe in United Way. I think it’s a good way of giving. I became a believer when I worked as a loaned representative. We had quite a good team.”

“I still say that my crowning achievement was that I was on campus pretty well every day for four months and I never paid for parking and never got a ticket. I attribute it to knowledge and friends. I played over thirty-five hockey at the University of Alberta for thirty-two years, so I knew who was in charge of the loading docks.”

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Way of the Alberta Capital Region we've partnered with Faces of Edmonton. In the coming months, Faces of Edmonton will be featuring faces and stories relating to the United Way and its work in your community. We’re looking forward to sharing these portraits and stories with you. To learn more about United Way's work check out the Report to Community online.