Unique Stories Displayed Through Art

City employee, Elizabeth Halpin, is turning a night of terror into triumph by sharing her story. In 2012, she was sexually assaulted in a violent attack, but today, she is determined to reach out to others in need of help.

As one of seven local stories of triumph featured on the United Way’s “It Looks Like Me” art installation, Elizabeth is helping show United Way supporters what their donation looks like and let survivors of assault know that they are not alone. Elizabeth has spoken at numerous workplaces to share her story of how reaching out for help likely saved her life after struggling with PTSD, panic attacks, and agoraphobia.

Elizabeth Halpin Edited.jpg

"Without United Way, I     wouldn't have been able to access the therapy I needed.  I would probably still be afraid to leave my house and definitely would not be working here today." 


Now, her photo is displayed proudly beside portraits of Mike, Danny, Nicole, Kim, Lincoln, and Sarah, all individuals in the Alberta Capital Region who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their lives after connecting with a United Way supported program.

Each unique shape in the installation represents us and our individual stories, and demonstrates that each person is needed to support the other. The interactive installation aims to help viewers see that each of us has the power to transform the life of someone in need and to also have our life be transformed by the support of a caring community. It shows that a community champion can look like each of us!

“My goal was to create an immersive experience,” Sean Thompson, the piece’s designer explained. “I hope that viewers leave inspired and informed.”

Art installation at Edmonton Tower.jpg

The installation was made possible by the sponsorship of PDQ Signs, Signworks Plus, and Mindcore Interactive.

It will be available for public viewing at the Edmonton Tower’s main lobby, 10111 - 104 Avenue, until October 27th.

Viewers are invited to take photos with the installation and post their personal story of triumph using the hashtag #UWACR2017.

Would you like to display the installation in your workplace for your United Way Campaign? Please call 780-990-1000.