Back on Track

Kim was diagnosed with postpartum. “You struggle with the guilt and the feeling that you should be grateful to have this little bundle, but it’s all in your mind. Even though the external might look happy to everyone else, inside you’re dealing with hormonal changes and mental changes—you’re learning how to be a mom. I almost had to mourn the loss of my old self. Your number one isn’t you anymore; it’s now this little person.”

Kim and her husband decided to move to St. Albert to set down some roots close to her husband’s job. “I thought I could integrate myself into a new city and do it on my own, but sadly, the postpartum reared its ugly head again and obviously it hadn’t really gone away,” says Kim. 

Today, I know I’m not alone and I’m the confident, loving mom I want to be.
— Kim

You can help local families like Kim and her daughter Quinn. 

Then she remembered there was a Family Resource Centre in St. Albert and looked them up. This was the phone call that changed her life. “They sent someone to my house because they actually do home visits, which is nice when you’re feeling really low. So somebody came to my house, we talked and cried, and she met my daughter. She encouraged me to come to the St. Albert Family Resource Centre and to their parent group. It’s kind of like A.A. for parents.” 

This drop in program provides parenting advice and support around a variety of topics including potty-training, sleeping, in-laws, and things that you want to talk about in a safe place. It’s been two and a half years now and I am still going”, says Kim.

“The support is like family,” says Kim. “It helps to bond with a group who can relate with what you’re feeling. When you hear other people tell their story and you can relate, all of a sudden that feeling of ‘it’s only me and I’m failing as a mom,’ that isolation gets lifted because you don’t feel alone in this and you feel you’ll get through the challenges.“