Hope for the Future

When Mike learned he was going to be a parent, he decided to quit school, find a job and move in with his girlfriend. He was determined to provide for his family and found the Terra Centre. “Young dads very much feel judged by the community. Our work is to help them engage in parenthood and show them that they can really make a difference in their children’s lives”, says Karen Mottershead from the Terra Centre.

Mike and his family received help to find housing and quality child care. The Terra Centre has run a program for teen dads since 2000. Last year, it served more than 100 young fathers. The agency provides male support workers for male clients through its Services for Young Dads. It also supplies daily necessities for young families, such as bus tickets, diapers and infant clothing.

I have the support I need to keep my family together and I have hope for the future.
— Mike

You can help families like Mike and Treyson.

Mike lives with his with his fiancée, his five-year-old son Treyson and his younger child, a daughter named Selena and also volunteers for programs that support young fathers in our community.

As a budding hip-hop artist, Mike has written a piece entitled "A Better Life."   

Lyrics to A Better Life - Mikey Moze

[verse 1]
Everyday I sit and wonder
how I keep from going under
I just look at my son I don't make moves that are blunder
hear the thunder when I get mad
glad I never met my dad
I will give my son things I never had
as I sit in this pad in this building
just sitting chilling reminiscing about my feelings
seeing my son as a child as he's napping
and smile how can something so amazing happen
he's part of the reason I keep on rapping
my heart is in control I am the captain
of my own whip managed to flip the scripts
I will take you on a trip on my magic swirling ship
and if you cant see that shit
then I can understand why your hand can't firmly hold a grip
of the handle's of life's roller coaster
battling emotions that are boiling over
going over every hurdle every obstacle
feeling so unstoppable

I dream of a better life
each night till the break of light
I smile thru the bitter strife
only one day to a better life
only one day and its a better life
a better life... for you and me
for you and...

[verse 2] 
I just gotta make that money by any means necessary
even if I gotta get a job as a cook, rapper, or a mercenary
or maybe something just temporary
so I don't have to worry about putting food in the fridge
for my wife and my kids
I will do anything just to provide
have them by my side make life bonafide
to be happy by a lake have a crib
show'em how that other life really is
how they live how they get over the bridge
just to see my family forever happily is my objective
its my plan now lets make it effective
its just my perspective im a little over protective
im surrounded by my possessions
fruits of my material obsession's
is making me feel the stressin'


[verse 3]
in order to survive I just gotta lead a better life
prove that I need to make it right
do good and not bleed and get sucked dry from these nasty parasite's
despite I got got pushed down I can barely see the light
I just might have to fight my way out of the bitterness of night
I just follow the word of god feel his palm guiding me and leading me away from strife
like he did adam and eve on that fateful night when they got tricked by the snake that deceives
wolves in sheeps clothing
told her to take the apple from the tree not knowing if its poison
suffering from paranoia hearing voices
be a man and make some choices
be the real macoy and deploy some focus
in your brain battling thoughts night and day
seems the more I earn the more I gotta pay