Faces of United Way: Rhea

“I work for The Family Centre, and I’m a youth liaison in south west Edmonton ... I was born in India and being in India you are exposed to poverty. I was in India for eight years and then moved to Australia and basically grew up in Australia. And my father is a single father and he raised us, so food security was definitely an issue for our family, but my dad did a really good job of hiding that.”


“I sort of fell into this field of human services so I lucked out because I really enjoy it and it feels natural to me. I’m happy to be doing the ground work and helping directly, you know. I like seeing the change.

Just to have one kid say, ‘I don’t know where I’d be without your help,’ it really means a lot and reminds you that this is why I do what I do... - Rhea

When you see the confidence of a child grow, it’s a huge thing. I’ve built relationships with kids so it’s comfortable. I really enjoy that. When kids realize the potential they have, it’s a huge moment. Sometimes they just need someone to flip a switch in their head to make them think ‘Maybe I can do this.’”

“Finding employment is a big challenge for youth I see, also food security, transportation and health. We need more shelters. There’s only one youth shelter in Edmonton and it’s full every night. And what happens when there’s overflow — where do those youth go?”

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