Did you know that 135,000 people live in poverty in our region? Nearly 42,000 of them are children. That is why United Way is declaring that poverty is the most #UNIGNORABLE issue that our local community is facing today.

It robs children of their true potential, strips people of their self-esteem and steals hope from families that struggle to build lives of stability and independence.

United Way’s #UNIGNORABLE campaign seeks to raise awareness about the many causes and many forms of poverty, including: high school dropout rates, homelessness, domestic violence, mental health, hunger, unemployment, social isolation, low literacy and addiction.

United Ways across Canada have partnered with the Pantone® Colour Institute™ to create Unignorable – a brand new colour developed specifically to highlight local issues and bring attention to the millions of Canadians impacted by them.

World-renowned illustrator Malika Favre has created graphic illustrations incorporating the colour to draw attention to these issues even further.

We invite you to get involved! Learn more, donate your time or money, and share what inspires you using hashtag #UNIGNORABLE on social media.

To join the conversation, visit our United Way’s social media channels, where we will share videos, stories and facts about local poverty.