Kaitlyn’s story

A United Way funded community centre helped Kaitlyn find a path to success when she was homeless and hungry.


“I was living a very sad and troubled life. After spending time in jail, I was released in 2017 into a province where I didn’t know anyone. I had nowhere to go and ended up sleeping on a train because I was homeless.

Even though I found work in a restaurant, I still couldn’t afford to feed or house myself. Saving up for an apartment was a challenge, and I felt like I would never have enough to pay for a security deposit and the first month’s rent.

After struggling for months, I reached out to a United Way funded community centre for help. I got so much more than just a meal.

I learned about financial literacy, how to budget for the future, and how to live on my own and be self-sufficient. With these supports, I was eventually able to save up for my first apartment.

Kaitlyn and her beloved dog in their apartment

Kaitlyn and her beloved dog in their apartment

Not only did they help me find a place to live, but they even stocked my cupboards once I moved in. I now have my own bed and no longer need to worry about where my next meal will come from!

With a stable home and meals, I was then able to focus on my future. The community centre was there again to help me navigate a path to success and find a post-secondary program. I am now proud to say that I have graduated college with certificate to become an addictions counsellor. That is something I am really passionate about as I have a lot of previous experience with that life.

From where I came from, this is all amazing to me. I am so strong today because of all that I went through. Now, I can help people others who are still struggling.”

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